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We source best-in-class sport tech companies and they are integrated
on our platform to serve both the assets and events we acquire, and
the broader market. Examples of companies include.

Teams /Events /Media & Data

Due to the stresses the pandemic inflicted on the sporting world, the dislocation in the market caused by empty stadiums, media rights, advertising and sponsorship revenue significantly reduced, the industry had to adapt.

Modernization and diversification of income is required to successfully survive. It is vital for teams, leagues, and players to incorporate sports tech and new social media tools to enhance and scale achievable new revenue streams. Reaching a broader base fanbase via streaming and alongside the analytics, personal interaction and marketplace they are seeking.

Sports Tech

K Sport Ventures has targeted best in class teams which are under valued and identified the latest sports adjacent technologies which can offer teams, players, and leagues best in class technology to improve performance, increase revenue streams and create ancillary revenue streams in performance analytics, betting, e-sports, gaming, streaming, wearables, AI cameras and AR/VR capabilities.

We provide strategic, technology, social media event campaigns and operating partners to the table enabling growth and scaling in an historical inefficient market

Sourcing network consists of business founders and entrepreneurs, owners, sponsors, advertisers, branding curators. Investments include debt and equity solutions for clubs, teams and events, digital, and sports assets including augmented and virtual reality, AI & machine learning technology that provides valuable data gathering & analytics, as well as e-sports, virtual events, gaming and betting.

Old World Platform

  • Tickets:
    lose on resale of tickets to platforms like Stubhub
  • F&B:
    current venues mostly have limited and unhealthy fast food
  • Merch:
    limited and predictable merch provided at event and not available online
  • VIP:
    limited availability and no maximizing the city they are hosted

New world platform


Double the revenue in the first 12-18 months with the potential to increase 3-4 times the revenue over a 5-year period

K Sport Ventures has strategic partnerships with:
  • Teams: soccer, tennis, rugby baseball, basketball, football and cricket
  • Event owners and operators, GMs, Recruiters, talent agents, and branding professionals
  • Built a team of creatives and programmers to produce content for teams, events and athletes
  • Programmers to create smart contracts for tickets, digital, and gaming
  • Relationships with Creators and Influencers
  • Strategic tries with sponsors and advertisers

Strategy -invest in sport tech that services pre-professional
to professional athletes and teams


We source best-in-class sport tech companies and they are integrated on our platform to serve both the assets and events we acquire and the broader market. Examples of companies include:

  • AI cameras - Tracks statistics, streaming capabilities for audiences, performance and data analytics.
  • Software - CRM systems to non-professional leagues to early-stage leagues.
  • Wearables - Soccer boot - exterior, inserts, and upper body devices track movement and biometrics.
  • Streaming - new ways audiences can consume content. 3D streaming allows audience to manipulated their perspective and control how they consume content. With more viewers you can achieve higher revenue via advertising, betting, and sponsorship contracts.
  • Digital - Ticketing, social media, marketplace building, membership creation.
  • Event Creators - enhance experience for the fans via partnerships with local city’s restaurants, musicians, and local celebrities. Virtual Q&A with influencers, athletes, coaches.
  • E-Commerce - Interactive platform to promote new merch, consumer and membership packages to scale sales revenue.
  • App - Created for each event -keeps you up-to-date on tournament events and stats, special promotions.
  • Gaming - Create fantasy football equivalents for other sports, varying gaming and marketplace platform for teams.
  • E-Sports - Athletes & investors create teams utilizing data collected from wearables and cameras to make life like games.
  • Betting - contracts are increasing growing exponentially with new US ruling allowing for states to legalize betting.
  • Data Aggregation - levered for fitness & performance, and to create life-like gaming and e-sports graphics. Users of data include coaches and recruiters.

Goal - build the world’s leading sports team,
events data and media portfolio

Clear game plan – we have a strong pipeline comprising 70% of targeted raise


Bespoke Investment Strategy

  • Minority Stakes in sport tech, super-brands, branding companies and software. We serve as strategic investors and users of their services and technology.
  • Majority Positions in sport tech, super-brands, branding companies and software. We serve as strategic investors and users of their services and technology.

Value Creation

  • Portfolio Management and construction provides down-side risk mitigation while providing upside value. We work closely with portfolio management teams by being active boards and integrating the firm’s network.
  • Collective bargaining enables us to achieve competitive terms via collective bargaining with best-in-class service providers in the traditional - commercial campaigns and brand development. We increase the number of sponsors and advertisers and the value of agreements by offering wider distribution and targeted marketing via our various outlets and combing new income generative products and services such as: digital, gaming, membership, betting, wearables, streaming, e-commerce).
  • One-Stop-Shop solution for the athletes, teams, and promoters. The event and the players will be empowered by our offering of better branding and content coupled with the use of modern digital, virtual advertising and streaming capabilities.
  • Sourcing bespoke non-competitive deals due to industry contacts. We have a strong pipeline of assets to be acquired on the team and event side, a sport aggregating company and a full suite of best –in-class sport-tech companies.
  • Interconnectedness creating and providing between super brands, emergent leagues, teams, players, fans and technology.
  • Experienced investment / operating team with two decades of investment and operational management and experience in structuring, operating, financing and managing multi-billion-dollar funds with a proven track record of excellence.

Investing in team and spectator
sports-related companies

Team & Individual sports 1st, 2nd, 3rd Division
  • Soccer
  • Polo
  • American Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Endurance
  • Baseball
  • Motor Sports & E Motors
  • Hockey
  • Surfing
  • Rugby
  • Climbing
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
Sports Technology Media
  • Entertainement & Broadcasting
  • Mobile Content Generation
  • VR/ Augmented Reality
  • E-Sports
  • Betting
  • Ticketing Distribution
  • Content Distribution (Broadcasters)

New Immersive

  • 360 - Be immersed right in the crowd, on the sidelines, behind the goals, in a race car or riding along with the jockey with our Fan Controlled, Interactive 360 Camera technologies.
  • Slo Mo - Watch Live Events simultaneously in Slo Mo. Imagine watching a dunk, save, goal or race, live in slow motion and then return immediately to the live broadcast.
  • Ad Ex - Our contextual Ad Exchange lets fans buy merchandise from the live broadcast while continuing to view the event, (not having to leave the broadcast).
  • Digital - Digital highlights from a Live Event can be AirDropped during the broadcast.
  • Twins - Actively building Digital Twins for major Global Event.


  • Digital Ticketing - is an important tool to share in the upside of the secondary ticketing market. Each time an digital is resold, ATP can also earn a percentage of that secondary sale – instead of stub hub, tournament owners are able to capture 20- 30% of the re-sale value.
  • Layer in special branding for the event and the ticket itself can retain and generate significant value for its owner.
  • Membership incentives sold via digital allowing digital holders to buy premium tickets before they hit market. - Membership perks can include private virtual meet and greets, limited edition merchandise, and social interactions during tournaments. Releases of limited-edition ATP digital fashion accessories (hats, shoes, sweatshirts, signed shirts, rackets, below the line advertising products) can be marketed and sold as well as worn in the metaverse(s).


Potential revenue generation is exponential


Mobile platforms created for users to earn off pop culture predictions and events through user-generate games.

  • Winners can obtain earn prizes or cash.
  • Tournaments earn transaction fees.
  • Game creator earn affiliate fees.

On-Platform experiences attract corporate partners.

  • Brand engagement.
  • Brand loyalty & Rewards.
  • Sponsorship & Advertising.
A user base of 20m active users – generates revenue circa$ 75m
  • 1Post - Creators post a game.
  • 2Share - They invite their audience to play.
  • 3Earn - Influencers earn 25% of 12.5% fee.
  • 4Learn - Versus creates games based on player data.
  • 5Retain - Better games fuel retention and play rates.
Game Creation
  • Engine that automatically creates games.
  • Ensures games are even, fun, fair, and relevant
  • Massive reach from incentivized sharing
Market Making
  • Groups players on-the-fly to fill match gaps
  • For example: one player at $10 vs. ten at $1
Match Making
  • Matches all players in a game based on wager.
  • Ensures all matches are 1v1 (e.g. $1 vs $1)
  • Players buy and use coins (i.e Fortnite)
  • Games played with coins ($1=100 coins)
  • Games have 1000s of 1v1 player pairs
  • Winnings redeemed for cash / prizes
Content Engine
  • Uses data based on past interactions to create games
  • Personalized on a user-by-user basis
  • Growth fueled by influencers / players
  • Retention fueled by data



Younger generations consume content fundamentally differently from Gen X and older generations. Market place
and immersion are essential elements to engage Millennials and Gen Z.

3D streaming, gaming, betting, stats and information about players are critical to their experience. With new Web 3
technology, fans can directly engage with player and teams.

Traditional Model Revenue Streams Include
  • Stadium Tickets
  • At Home / Sport Bars / Cafes
  • Merchandise
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Media Rights
Pick Your View
  • Real-Time 360
  • Real-Time Linear
  • Slow Motion
  • Replay
  • TV Broadcast
  • VIP Access
New Model Include Revenue Streams
  • 3D Streaming
  • Data Analytics
  • Gaming
  • E-Sports
  • AR / VR
  • Marketplace
Personalized Benefits for Fan
  • Select your 360 camera
  • Player data, Biometrics
  • Player Cams
  • Team, Game Updates
  • Ref Cam
  • Social, Fun Facts
  • Goal Cams
  • Trivia, Clips, Polls
  • Corner Cams
  • Sponsor, Games, Ads
  • Bench Cams
  • Store
  • Stadium Cams
  • Tickets

AI Cameras

  • Builds analytics
  • Collects data and streaming
  • Produces stats real time data for fans
  • Delivers brilliant, razor-sharp images up to 4K resolution at speeds up to 4,000 fps in simultaneous
  • Live and Slow-Motion video streams
  • Subscription revenue
  • Performance analysis for players and coaches
  • Create memorabilia for NFTs